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Riding turns “I would like” to “I can”.

– Peter Brown
“I was very young and unequivocally attracted by horses, I always knew they were part of my life. I grew up in this place  since I was five.  In the summer, my dad had to accompany me every day to another farm where there were the horses with whom I could interact, to whom I was going to clean the stables, which for me was the most beautiful game in the world. The contact with these wonderful animals has always nourished me, I dreamed that I could have them on our farm and I was sure that when I grew up I would do what I saw the owner of those horses do—at that time he was my idol. My parents have always understood and supported my passion, giving me the opportunity to start my adventure in the equestrian world.

English riding, Western riding, races, competitions, lessons, from every teacher and from every experience I learned something. Every horse I came in contact with taught me something.  With them there is always an exchange, with them I have communicatied empathically  since always… “

“… Today my dream has come true, at Le Torracce there are 4 wonderful horses: Tati, Faraway, Cico and Isabeau. I take care of them and I am available to help our guests get to know them, to approach them, to climb on top or to go for a guided tour on the wonderful trails surrounding Le Torracce. “

Corsi di equitazione - Valfabbrica (PG) - ,Umbria

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