Looking for inner harmony through body balance.

Life Alignment

“I have spent the last 20 years of my life  researching and meditating. Constantly there has been the desire to look inside me and the urge to find the inner balance in order to be in harmony with myself and to support others.

I deal with energetic and vibrational healing and use a system called Life Alignment—meaning body alignment or balance”.

What is the Life Alignment system?

“Since childhood I’ve seen energy healing and that’s what I wanted to do when I became a grown- up. I was lucky enough to live here, in this place with a holistic vision, which allowed me to attend courses and seminare, to constantly increase my research and to gain greater awareness. I met internationally renowned teachers and masters and I was lucky enough to work with them.

When I met Jeff Levin ( thanking him from the depths of my heart) and received the first balance of my life from him, I immediately realized that it was exactly this, the thing he practiced, that I wanted to learn to do. It’s the tool I use today to help people in a self-healing process—the deepest and quickest tool I have ever experienced.

This system is able to modify cellular memory, so it is particularly suitable for removing traumas or blocks or mental patterns that have become encoded in our cells. Very often these blocks do not allow us to go in the direction our soul would want to go, or they disconnect us completely from our feelings and often from our hearts.

Anyone can receive one or more balances, you do not need to have done any kind of path, or need to know about chakras or meridians. The only ingredient  needed is mental openness and the ability to wonder again. Balances are also very effective for physical pain, especially back pain. It’s an energetic work, so there are no manipulations, at most you can be touched in some points that match glands, systems or organs.

Balancing occurs on energetic or subtle bodies that, although they are invisible to the human eye, are all around us; beyond the physical body, there are the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The tools I use to realign the various bodies and bring balance are the hands and some cards which  contain a magnet inside that can change the polarity from negative to positive. “

Le Torracce is a place inspired by the principles of holistic philosophy: for this reason the structure has three large halls dedicated to personal growth courses and two pools, one outdoor and one indoor, ideal for moments dedicated to physical and spiritual wellness and relaxation.

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