The city of Perugia lies at the heart of the region with its historic districts 5 enclosed by walls Etruscan whose remains are still visible.

Entering from Porta San Pietro, one of 7 historic doors of Perugia. To the right is the Basilica of St. Dominic and in the convent near the important National Archaeological Museum
of Umbria.

It then reaches the Piazza del Sopramuro with the palace of the old University and continuing after a brief climb opens one of the most beautiful squares in Italy: the Piazza Grande di Perugia, a superb monumental complex which includes the Palazzo dei Priori, the Cathedral and the Fontana Maggiore at the center than 1200.

Nearby you can also visit the fascinating ruins of the old city,
a sort of medieval Pompeii was called into light.

The visit to the historic centre should not overlook the complex of S. Francis and the Oratory of San Bernardino.

Interesting are also the numerous palaces and the Chapel of San Severo with frescoes by Raffaello and Perugino.

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