The Amulets of Leela

The Amulets of Leela

Do not try to shine like jade, but be as simple as stone.

– Lao Tzu
“When something breaks is not said to be a bad thing … the first key rings of Le Torracce were jewelry made by a goldsmith, beautiful, but also very expensive and it was when they started to break that the creative idea of the amulets of Leela was born.

I started in the year 2000 by creating the key rings and then adding necklaces, bracelets, belts, even today the suits. I use crystals and hard stones to create amulets. Over the years it has become my meditation.

Leela means play and the game consists in letting you be attracted by the stone without knowing the features and verifying only later if it is the right stone for you. Each object is associated with a mantra, and also this you will find out about only after choosing the amulet. “


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