The meaning of hospitality

Le Torracce

Born from the expansion of a watchtower of 1300.

The tower has always been enveloped by a fascinating mystery: it seems to hide a precious treasure.

The legend says that inside an engraved stone depicting a goddess above the main entrance of the tower, a golden lamb is hidden, bearer of peace, fortune, beauty and wealth.

No one has ever discovered the hidden treasure, but the beneficial effects of the lamb are well known to all those who frequent Le Torracce.

Peace, beauty and serenity are the treasures that you will surely find.

Holistic seminar rooms

We have three large rooms, the Leela Hall, the Diksha Hall and the Crystals Gym intended  for meditations, courses, holistic seminars, meetings and conferences of all kinds. All the rooms have wooden floors and are equipped with stereo sound system, heating and air conditioning, adjustable lighting, mattresses, pillows and meditation chairs.
Le Torracce has two pools, an indoor one heated to 37°, ideal for watsu and winter psychophysical activities, and an outdoor pool protected by the  buildings and surrounded by a panoramic solarium.

Swimming pools


We have 13 bedrooms furnished in a typical Umbrian “poor art” style. Each one has the name of a stone or crystal and all have an attached bathrooms.

The TV does not exist in this place, but the lobby offers free WI-FI internet access.

When you get compliments for the food from convinced carnivores, and you do vegetarian cooking, that says a lot! Cooking, mostly organic, is one of our strengths, We make bread, even whole grain bread, every day as in Grandma’s time. We serve buffet meals and the menus always change. In addition to the traditional Umbrian flavors you will find tofu, seitan, tempeh and various legumes cooked in an original, delicious and tasty way. The first courses are as good as the protein ones and we take pride in the vegetable dishes as well.

For years we have been asking for a book of recipes and finally we have written it ourselves!

The special decor of the bar helps to make you feel at home: it’s always open and you can serve yourself!


In contact with nature and history

For discovering Umbria: horseback riding, historical and natural itineraries.

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