Places for well-being: the halls and the swimming pool

Le Torracce is a place inspired by the principles of holistic philosophy: for this reason the structure has three large halls dedicated to personal growth courses and a pool, ideal for moments dedicated to physical and spiritual wellness and relaxation.

The Halls

Places of wellness and personal growth.

We have three large rooms, the Leela Hall, the Diksha Hall and the Crystals Gym intended for meditations, courses, holistic seminars, meetings and conferences of all kinds. All the rooms  have wooden floors and are equipped with stereo sound system, heating and air conditioning, adjustable lighting, mattresses, pillows and meditation chairs.

Air conditioning

Video projector

Hi-fi system



DVD/CD player

Leela Hall

130 sqm

“Leela. Don’t be too serious, play. What will happen will happen and you have a choice: go with it or go against it”.

Diksha Hall

80 sqm

“Diksha. Man re-cognizes the divine part within  himself and re-discovers who he really is.”

Crystal Gym

60 mq

“The Crystal is the Inner Master of everyone, the Lotus of a Thousand Petals, our great self unknown”.

Swimming pool

Le Torracce has an outdoor pool protected by the  buildings and surrounded by a panoramic solarium.

The outdoor pool of irregular form, protected by the body of the structure and surrounded by a panoramic solarium, offers a pleasant opportunity to relax during the hot summer days. The park and surrounding areas allow long walks on foot and on horseback or, for the most trained, on mountain bike.

There is also an area dedicated to firewalking and sweat lodge.

It’s possible to receive massages of various kind, but only by reservation.

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