Franciscan Way

This fascinating journey retraces the route of 46 km that St. Francis followed for the first time in 1206 AD going from Assisi to Gubbio and that subsequently the Holy follow for long stretches whenever he want to go to La Verna.

From Assisi to Pieve San Nicolò: starting from Porta San Giacomo of Assisi we head towards Pieve San Nicolò and from there continue at a time to Valfabbrica to a location called The Poplar.

From Pieve San Nicolò to Valfabbrica and Coccorano:
from village fortress of Valfabbrica continue in the direction
of Gubbio, passing Chiascio and going up the road under Coccorano. The legend tells that as a result of an attack the friar was hosted at the nearby Castle Coccorano, owned by
a family friend to that of the Saint.
This stronghold of the eleventh century, together with fortifications of Biscina and Giomici, stands to protect a large tract Valley Chiascio.

From Coccorano to Biscina: continue in the direction of Vallingegno, across Castle Biscina.

From Biscina to Vallingegno: along the road you can admire monuments pivotal for the Franciscan such as the Church of Caprignone, Abbey Vallingegno and the Hermitage in St. Peter’s Vineyard.

From Vallingegno to Fassia: almost at the end of the route you can visit the places where two hospitals arose: Santa Maria di Source Salice and Santa Maria Magdalena of Fassia.

From Fassia to Gubbio: around Gubbio was the leprosarium of San Lazzaro; around 1240 AD were built the Church and the monastery of St. Francis. In the beginning Franciscans settled in the little church of Santa Maria della Vittoria or Vittorina.

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