From Valfabbrica to Gubbio


From Valfabbrica take the state highway in the direction of Gualdo Tadino, at the foot of Mount Serra Santa on the slopes can be seen the white road that leads to the top.

The tour offers a variety of reasons of interest: first the
Rocca Flea which dominates the hill on which stands Gualdo Tadino and was built in the thirteenth century for the will of Frederick II.

Among the churches the Cathedral of St. Benedict with its beautiful rose window and the church of San Francis, beautiful Gothic building decorated by Matteo di Gualdo.

Interesting is also the Pinacoteca Comunale that, in addition
to works of that artist, hosts a wonderful polyptych of Nicholas Alunno.

Taking up the Flaminia northward after 8 Km meets Fossato di Vico, with the modern part along the street and the ancient village, called Fossato Alto, above a spur.

This is a typical medieval village characterized by an attitude road rather suggestive. It’s possible to visit the Chapel of Piaggiala where they held some valuable Ottaviano Nelli’s frescoes.

Taking up the Flaminia northward within a few kilometers meet Sigillo, country of Roman origin, and the picturesque village of Costacciaro (not to miss the Caves of Monte Cucco, located at the top of Mount and the church of San Francesco of 1300).

Continuing on Flaminia northward after a few kilometers you reach Scheggia, located where the Flaminia Sentino crosses the bridge with the characteristic barrel.

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